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Tracking Differentiator Algorithms (2021)

English | ISBN: 9811593833 | 2021 | 118 Pages | PDF | 4 MB This book highlights designs, implementations and applications of tracking differentiator (TD) algorithms. The real-time differentiation estimation of a given signal is of high importance in control science and engineering. A good differentiator shall have...

Conceptual Digital Signal Processing with MATLAB (2021)

English | ISBN: 9811525838 | 2021 | 690 Pages | PDF | 40 MB This textbook provides an introduction to the study of digital signal processing, employing a top-to-bottom structure to motivate the reader, a graphical approach to the solution of the signal processing mathematics, and extensive use...

Basic Phylogenetic Combinatorics (2012)

English | ISBN: 0521768322 | 2012 | 276 Pages | PDF | 4 MB Phylogenetic combinatorics is a branch of discrete applied mathematics concerned with the combinatorial description and analysis of phylogenetic trees and related mathematical structures such as phylogenetic networks and tight spans. Based on a natural...

Digital Signal Processing Demystified (1997)

1997 | 232 Pages | ISBN: 1878707167 | PDF | 8 MB James D. Broesch is a staff engineer for General Atomics, where he is responsible for the design and development of several advanced control systems used on fusion control programs. He also teaches classes in signal processing...