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Tracking Differentiator Algorithms (2021)

English | ISBN: 9811593833 | 2021 | 118 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

This book highlights designs, implementations and applications of tracking differentiator (TD) algorithms. The real-time differentiation estimation of a given signal is of high importance in control science and engineering. A good differentiator shall have i) robustness against input noises and ii) exactness with a small phase delay. The book has three focuses:
Designing practical, accurate and efficient TD based on discrete-time optimal control (DTOC).
Presenting full convergence analysis on DTOC-TDs.
Implementing the DTOC-TDs in state estimations in power systems and signal processing, as well as feedback control in maglev train.

The proposed TD solution and its successful real-life applications shall stimulate wide interests in different areas including power systems, railway transportations and aerospace industry, etc.



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