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The Cambridge Handbook of Germanic Linguistics (2020)

The Germanic language family ranges from national languages with standardized varieties, including German, Dutch and Danish, to minority languages with relatively few speakers, such as Frisian, Yiddish and Pennsylvania German. Written by internationally renowned experts of Germanic linguistics, this Handbook provides a detailed overview and analysis of the...

Handbook of Nanobioelectrochemistry (2023)

This handbook comprehensively reviews different nanomaterials and modern electrochemical approaches used in the point-of-care analysis of biomolecules. It describes the importance, significance, and application of various kinds of smart nanomaterials and their integration with modern electrochemical techniques for the point-of-care diagnosis of biologically important biomolecules. The interaction between...

Solutions to Critical Behavioral Issues in the Classroom (2023)

English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 978-1462549207 | 259 pages | True PDF | 7.66 MB This highly practical reference is organized around the problem behaviors that K–6 teachers see as the greatest barriers to student success–and the positive behaviors they value the most. Of particular value to...