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Foundations of Modern Physics

In addition to his ground-breaking research, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg is known for a series of highly praised texts on various aspects of physics, combining exceptional physical insight with his gift for clear exposition. Describing the foundations of modern physics in their historical context and with some new...

Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices (2019)

English | ISBN: 1119510031 | 2019 | 660 Pages | PDF | 12 MB Energy storage devices are considered to be an important field of interest for researchers worldwide. Batteries and supercapacitors are therefore extensively studied and progressively evolving. The book not only emphasizes the fundamental theories, electrochemical...

Analysis of Kinetic Reaction Mechanisms (2014)

English | 2014 | ISBN: 3662445611, 3662520192 | 363 Pages | PDF | 6,7 MB Chemical processes in many fields of science and technology, including combustion, atmospheric chemistry, environmental modelling, process engineering, and systems biology, can be described by detailed reaction mechanisms consisting of numerous reaction steps. This...