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Strength To The Max And Beyond: The Next Step After Strength To The Max (2018)

English | 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07FRR5P8B | 65 Pages | PDF | 1.26 MB

Strength To The Max and Beyond is for intermediate and advanced lifters who already understand how to perform basic weight training exercises. It is based on the concept that your strength training efforts will be amplified when a full spectrum of training qualities are used in your workouts. These training qualities include:
Sufficient training volume
Explosive lifting
Heavy lifting
You will find all of these training qualities in the workouts provided in Strength To The Max And Beyond.
The foundation of Strength To The Max And Beyond begins with four workouts. What makes the workouts unique is that they each include a portion in which training volume, speed work, and heavy lifting are addressed, however, the focus of each workout will vary so that some workouts will emphasize more training volume, while other workouts will place a heavier emphasis on either speed or heavy lifting. By carrying out this training plan, you will be able to emphasize various training qualities without ever ignoring the others.
As you proceed through a series of four workouts, you will complete a training block. Each successive training block is progressive as the weight will be increased from block to block until you reach a peak at the end of the third training block. The goal of this is very simple; lift more weight every time you complete three training blocks.
Strength To The Max And Beyond will supply you with information on how to how to properly construct a series of workouts, but you will also learn how to individualize the workouts according to your:
Individual workload capacity
Recovery ability
Preferred exercise selection
Rate of progress
Whether your main pursuit is powerlifting, or general strength training, if you want clear, concise instructions on how to get as strong as possible, Strength To The Max And Beyond will provide a resource to help you achieve your goal.