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Force And Frequency Training: Quick Workouts To Develop Speed And Strength (2018)

English | 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07FN5VJCH | 40 Pages | PDF | 2.08 MB

Force And Frequency Training is a weight training system that is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have three things in mind:
1. The desire to develop speed, strength, and power
2. Workouts that can be completed in a short amount of time
3. You want workouts that create a minimum of fatigue because:
a. You are an athlete who is involved in sports and you must preserve enough energy to be at your best for practice and competition.
b. You simply want to avoid the sensation of feeling overly fatigued after working out.
15 Minutes or Less!
The chief expectation that is required of you in order to benefit from Force and Frequency Training is the willingness to work out on a frequent basis. The workouts are designed to be done six days per week, but the schedule can be modified to allow you to workout as little as three times per week. The fact that you will be doing high frequency training may cause you to be concerned that the amount of workouts will lead to exhaustion and require a large amount of time, but the workouts only take 15 minutes or less. You will also find that they are fairly easy, but hard enough to trigger gains in strength and speed when performed consistently.
Minimal Fatigue
Instead of packing a lot of work into a couple workouts per week, the training is split into more workouts in order to keep the total workload at a minimum within each individual workout. The advantage to this is that you won’t feel fatigued after the workouts, and it will be easy to recover before your next practice, game, or workout. A further advantage is that the consistent workouts provide a foundation to keep your body prepared for incremental increases of weight which can be applied on a regular basis over time. The result is the ability to gain strength without requiring excessively strenuous workouts that are difficult to recover from.
Force And Frequency Training is presented in the context of a weekly training schedule, but the schedule can be varied from three to six days per week. The training routines are also accompanied by options that allow you to modify them by adding exercises or weight according to your goals, capacities, and training preferences.
The force and frequency workouts are not for total beginners who have no knowledge of how to perform basic weight training exercises. However, if you are familiar with common weight training exercises such as, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, you will easily be able to incorporate the information in this book into your workouts.
If you are looking for a weight training method that can be used for the purpose of developing speed and strength with a minimum amount of daily training, Force And Frequency Training will provide you with an excellent resource to help you fulfill your goals.