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Programming: 5 Books in 1: Learn Python, JavaScript, C++, C#, and SQL Quickly (2021)

English | April 27, 2021 | ASIN: B093QJ36DG | 1071 Pages | EPUB | 15.6 MB

Even if you still think that Python is just an incredibly dangerous snake, this bundle will have you writing codes and developing apps faster than you can say tech billionaire.
Programmers are in demand.
If the IT industry was a high school, software developers and programmers would be the most popular girl everyone wants to hang out with.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of software developers will grow an impressive 22% from 2019 to 2029 – much faster than any other occupation.
Simply put, if you learn how to code in the near future, you can be absolutely sure you’ll never go jobless again.
But coding is hard, and you have to own a college degree to even be considered for the position, right?
Well, not quite.
The IT job market is so incredibly desperate for high-quality programmers, they don’t give a rat’s behind about your formal education (or lack thereof).
If you know how to code, you’re in – it’s that simple.
As for coding being a hard skill to learn… That’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the world.
I blame Hollywood for this. Movies and TV shows have somehow created a completely false image of programmers and developers.
It’s time to set this straight, so listen up.
You don’t have to be a genius with an IQ equal to Earth’s surface to become a programmer.
You don’t have to be a math whiz to know how to use coding languages.
And you definitely don’t need to invest thousandsof dollars on programming courses.
What you do need however, is for someone to show you how to code without overwhelming you with too much info all at once.
Someone who will explain coding in a way anyone can understand, no matter how much experience you have.
This is exactly what this comprehensive bundle of 5 books is all about – by using innovative teaching strategies, Programming: 5 Books in 1 makes the process of learning how to program effortless as breathing.
Here’s what you’ll discover:
Definitive guides on the 5 most in-demand programming languages: Python, JavaScript, C++, C#, and SQL
A full beginner’s guide on programming, including the simplest, most basic things all newbies should know
The 6 primary programming terms you should know by heart before you do any coding
Practical cases that help you envision the real-world applications of coding languages
Detailed, visual examples that you can easily follow step-by-step to better internalize the concepts you’ve studied
Easy-to-follow programming exercises and solutions
Clear examples and straightforward explanations to demystify the world of coding
A comprehensive index of source code files you can use immediately
Step-by-step mentorship through each language’s crucial concepts, rules, and functions
Intermediate and advanced topics once you’ve mastered the basics
Simple explanations of code, broken down into easy-to-follow steps
And much more.
If you want to stop wasting money on overpriced coding courses, and master coding quickly and effortlessly, you’ve come to the right place.
This is your backdoor to the extremely profitable IT job market – make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity. If you’re looking to break into the IT industry, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.