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Practice CS Concepts with Scratch (2019)

English | February 23, 2019 | ISBN: 1797934759 | 150 Pages | EPUB | 2.43 MB

Who this book is for:This book is a companion to the author’s previous book “Learn CS Concepts with Scratch”. It is perfect for students who would like to practice the ideas and concepts they have learned in “Learn CS ..”. You will be able to answer a lot of concept review questions and do a series of interesting programming activities. You will get to apply concepts of computer programming and computer science when you write these programs. Why learn programming:The idea of using computer programming as a medium for learning is rapidly gaining acceptance. The benefits of learning programming andcomputer science concepts well before college – even in elementary grades – are well-understood. Here is a list of some of the amazing things that happen when children engage in computer programming:- Children become active and creative learners, because they explore ideas through a hands-on activity with an infinitely powerful tool.- They learn to think about and analyze their own thinking, because that is the only way to program computers.- They learn to solve complex problems by breaking them into smaller sub-problems.- They learn a new way of thinking (called “computational” thinking).- In the world of programming, answers are not simply “right” or “wrong”; this prepares a child’s mindset for real-life problems.- Children’s learning processes are transformed from acquiring facts to thinking creatively and analytically.How the book is organized:The book is organized exactly along the lines of the original book: as a series of units – each containing a bunch of CS concepts and associated programming activities. Every programming assignment requires understanding of all the concepts presented in the current as well as all preceding units.