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Chemo-Biological Systems for CO2 Utilization (2020)

English | Sep 21, 2020 | ISBN: 0367321939 | 318 Pages | PDF | 19 MB

Chemo-Biological Systems for CO2 Utilization describes the most recent advanced tools and techniques for carbon dioxide capture and its utilization. It discusses and compares the advantages of different systems and aids researchers and industrialists in understanding energy generation in the form of biofuels, bioelectricity, or biogas using chemicals; nanomaterials; and microbial, enzymatic, and chemo-enzymatic-integrated systems. It describes the importance and utilization of CO2 in living systems, and provides an overview of the various fundamental methods, policies, and techniques involved in CO2 conversion. Emphasis is placed on the production of value-added products using CO2, including biomethanol, industrial carbonates, and liquid or gaseous fuels.


Explains the correlations between microbial, biological, and chemical products and their roles in the conversion of CO2 into usable energy and related products.

Being suitable for a broad audience, it addresses fundamental treatment methods for reusing environmental waste materials.

Aids in decision-making and policy planning for environmental professionals.

The information provided throughout this book will help researchers and professionals working in various industries to better understand the conversion of CO2 into energy-based products. Chemo-Biological Systems for CO2 Utilization also serves as a useful guide to seek alternative methods for clean energy and mitigating global climate change.