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Brain Improvement (2019)

English | October 21, 2019 | ISBN: 1701520699 | 120 Pages | EPUB | 0.27 MB

You aren’t quite satisfied, and you can’t pin down exactly why it is? Your life isn’t what you imagined it would be? The way you have been living doesn’t seem like enough anymore? You have this feeling that you are capable of so much more?
In Brain Improvement, I’ll tell you what you need to know about your brain and why it’s holding you back. It is capable of more.
We will go in depth on ways you can resist your old self. If you let it, your old self would have you live out the rest of your life without change. You’ll get started on a new path- one where you are in charge.
You’ll learn:
How to find out things about yourself you didn’t know beforeHow to shape yourself into the person you know you can beThe biological source of habits in our brainsThe effect of your surroundings on your personalityThe best tricks to sharpening your memoryA new approach to developing self-disciplineThe importance of priorities in improving your brain

You will apply a few basic principles to your brain and notice yourself start to change as soon as you reach Chapter 3. We need to build some ground knowledge about the nature of your brain before we can get there, but it is absolutely worth it.
First, we go over how the brain operates. With the way we break things down, you get an idea of how it fits into your own life early on. In Chapter 2, you are asked to think philosophically about your habits. You’ll ask yourself: is there any difference between the things I regularly do and who I am? We’ll answer that question and go deep into why.
Chapter 3 will move you because of how it makes you put the last two chapters together. I’ll make you confront a fact that you may have suspected all along. Accepting the truth will be necessary if you want to get started on improving your brain.
Don’t think for a second that learning about your brain is boring. It’s anything but – the feeling of seeing yourself in a new light is beyond exciting. It’s thrilling. You’ll never lose sight of how our learning strategies relate to your life.
Whether you like it or not, you are using your brain all day. It’s about time you knew the most effective ways of operating it. Once you do, you’ll think about how much you would have missed had you not read this user-friendly manual on the brain.