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Exercise Book for Understanding English Grammar – 9th Edition

Exercise Book for Understanding English Grammar - 9th Edition

This new edition of Exercises for Understanding English Grammar follows the goals and design of the previous editions: to provide additional practice and supplemental instruction for users of Understand­ ing English Grammar. The exercises in this book will enable students to reinforce their grasp of basic
concepts, to extend and explore their understanding, and to apply their knowledge to their writing.
Designed to accompany Understanding English Grammar, 9th Edition, this edition of Exercises follows the organization of that text. Many of the exercises replicate the format of those in the main text, but some take a different approach, challenging students to demonstrate their grammatical competence
by combining, composing, and revising sentences. Although most of the chapters review key points and provide additional examples, students are expected to learn grammatical principles by studying the parent text itself. References to the sentence patterns and sentence slots, for example, depend upon the informa­tion in Chapter 3 of Understanding English Grammar.

This new edition includes these important revisions:
• Five new chapters, providing one chapter for each of the sixteen chapters in the parent text
• Answers for all items in the non-test exercises, significantly increasing the book’s self- instructional quality
• Ten additional Test Exercises—for a total of eighteen exercises for which the answers are not given. (The answers for these test exercises will be available to instructors in an online Answer Key.)
We think that Exercises for Understanding English Grammar will provide valuable support for both instructors and students.