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English Grammar for Today: A New Introduction 2nd ed.

English Grammar for Today: A New Introduction 2nd ed.

Written by a team led by a world authority in English grammar, English Grammar for Today has established itself as a rich educational experience for both native- and non-native-speaking students. This engaging and stimulating coursebook enables students to learn grammar not just for its own sake, but also for the pleasure of exploring, appreciating and understanding the way language communicates in written text and spoken discourse. Throughout, the emphasis is on using grammar in present-day English.

After an introduction placing grammar in its educational and cultural context, the authors present a ‘toolkit’ for analysing sentences. The second part of the book demonstrates how to apply this toolkit to spoken and written language, using a wide range of real textual materials. Each chapter ends with a set of carefully-designed exercises and tasks to aid understanding, with answers provided at the end of the volume. Now thoroughly revised and updated to meet the needs of today’s students, this new edition features:

– a new Foreword by the English Association
– an additional introductory chapter, ‘Getting Started with Grammar’, which introduces the subject for those with no prior knowledge
– improved and extended diagrams, exercises and answers
– up-to-date textual passages and examples

Lively and approachable, this indispensable guide is ideal for both students and teachers who are looking for their first serious engagement with – or wishing to rediscover- English grammar.