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Nolo’s Simple Will Book Ed 7 (2007)

Nolo's Simple Will Book Ed 7

English | ISBN: 1413307132 | 2007 | 288 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Everyone needs a will sooner rather than later – and Nolo’s Simple Will Book is the all-in-one tool you need. For over 15 years, this bestseller had made it easy to:

write a legally valid will
leave property to family, friends or organizations
name a personal guardian to care for your children
safely leave property to young children
arrange for the payment of debts and taxes
name an executor to handle your affairs
update your will as needed

Nolo’s Simple Will Book lets you choose from seven different will forms, or builds you a custom will to suit special situations. It also provides a detailed discussion of estate planning for those who may want more than a will.

Completely updated and revised, the 7th edition provides all worksheets and will forms on CD-ROM. It also includes new information on “ethical wills,” which let you convey your feelings and values to loved ones. Good in all states except Louisiana.