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The Ramcharitmanas, Book 3 (2020)

English | January 5, 2020 | ISBN: 0143425897 | EPUB | 416 Pages | 1.9 MB The most popular devotional text recounting the adventures of the Hindu god Ram The Ramcharitmanas, composed by the poet-saint Tulsidas in the sixteenth century during a dynamic period of religious reform, was...

Piers Plowman: A Modern Verse Translation (2014)

English | October 6, 2014 | ISBN: 0786495030 | 272 Pages | PDF | 1.34 MB William Langland’s 14th-century poem Piers Plowman, a disturbing and often humorous commentary on corruption and greed, remains meaningful today. The allegorical work revolves around the narrator’s quest to live a good life,...

Reading the Runes in Old English and Old Norse Poetry (2017)

English | ISBN: 1472446267 | 2017 | 222 Pages | PDF | 2 MB Reading the Runes in Old English and Old Norse Poetry is the first book-length study to compare responses to runic heritage in the literature of Anglo-Saxon England and medieval Iceland. The Anglo-Saxon runic script...

Musical Representations, Subjects, and Objects

English | 21 Dec. 2004 | ISBN: 0253344573 | 256 Pages | PDF | 2.07 MB Jairo Moreno adapts the methodologies and nomenclature of Foucault’s “archaeology of knowledge” and applies it through individual case studies to the theoretical writings of Zarlino, Descartes, Rameau, and Weber. His conclusion summarizes...

Byron, Poetics and History

English | Jan. 27, 2003 | ISBN: 0521812410 | 270 Pages | PDF | 1 MB Jane Stabler presents this examination of Byron’s poetic form in relationship to historical debates of his time. Responding to recent studies in the Romantic period, Stabler asserts that Byron’s poetics developed in...