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French Revolution: A Study in Democracy (2003)

French Revolution: A Study in Democracy

Author(s): Nesta H. Webster

Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC, Year: 2003

ISBN: 9780766179967,0766179966

Nesta Webster here renders a spell binding and beautifully crafted account of the horror of the French Revolution. Prior to reading this excellent book, I had enjoyed her “World Revolution” and “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”, each of which were written after “French Revolution”. Interestingly, Webster repudiated some of the points made herein in those later works. Candidly, I think she may have been too hard on herself in so doing.

Webster’s fundamental theme here is that the French Revolution resulted from a web of conspiracies, the primary of which was that of the Orleanist faction. Also involved, in her estimation, were Illuminated Freemasonry, the Prussian Court, and English Jacobins. In her later works, she ammended this position to give primary emphasis to the Illuminati. Careful reading of this, her other works, and those of Belloc on the same period indicate to this reviewer at least, that she had the players rightly identified but may have only erred in assigning their relative importance in this earlier book.

In any case, the work is both great art and significant history. Any who would truly understand this terribly important epic of modern history would be well served by carefully reading this very important book.