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Fuzzy Grammar: A Reader (2004)

Fuzzy Grammar: A Reader

Author(s): Bas Aarts, David Denison, Evelien Keizer, Gergana Popova

Series: Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr, Year: 2004

ISBN: 019926256X,9780199262564

This work brings together classic and recent papers in the philosophical and linguistic analysis of fuzzy grammar, of gradience in meaning, word classes and syntax. Issues such as how many grains make a heap, when a puddle becomes a pond, and so forth, have occupied thinkers since Aristotle and, since the 1980s, have been the subject of increasing interest among linguists as well as in fields such as artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. The work is designed to be of use to students in all these fields. It has a substantial introduction, is divided into thematic parts, contains annotated sections of further reading, and is fully indexed.