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Fear is Power: Turn Your Fears Into Success (2023)

Fear is Power: Turn Your Fears Into Success (2023)

English | January 4th, 2023 | ISBN: 1740664086 | 232 pages | True EPUB | 7.77 MB

What do Layne Beachley, Kostya Tszyu, Ron & Valerie Taylor and Gaby Kennard have in common? They all face fear in the daily lives, but have all developed strategies to not just cope, but to excel. Fear is Power shows the reader how to turn fear into an asset by building on the real-life experiences of almost 100 of these ‘fear professionals’.

These are people who choose professions or sports that involve high levels of danger or risk. Included are shark diving experts, front line and special forces police officers, professional athletes and famous explorers, including Wayne Bennett, Alan Jones, Dick Smith, Mark Taylor, Joe Bugner, Jeff Fenech and Jim Cassidy. These fear professionals have made careers out of being constantly exposed to frightening situations and not only do they admit to feeling fear, they actually welcome it.

Their ability to use fear as an asset instead of a weakness makes their courage levels unique, and their insights will help the reader demystify fear in order to embrace it as a powerful ally. The book is divided in ten, easy-to-follow chapters, each containing direct quotes from a fear professional which relates to the chapter’s contents, a fear myth, secret from the fear professional challenging the myth, and a short exercise encouraging the reader to apply what they’ve learnt. Fear is Power is built around the premise that everyone feels fear but when properly harnessed, it can be turned into a strength.