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123 English Phrasal Verbs (2015)

123 English Phrasal Verbs

English | 2015 | ISBN: 9788364731143 | 212 pages | PDF,EPUB | 1.56 MB

This ebook is mainly for the readers who learn English as a second language. It is the first volume of the series titled: 123 English Phrasal Verbs and it contains 123 common English phrasal verbs with explanations in English along with a large number of sentences showing the context in which the verbs can be used. Some phrasal verbs are provided with the most common collocations so that you can understand the context in which they should be used.

Each phrasal verb is illustrated by a number of sentences so that the learner gets a better idea about the whole context in which the specific verb can function. The phrasal verbs presented in the sentences are written in bold so that it is easier to spot them and focus on the surrounding words. The sentences often describe current situations in order to associate them with specific verbs and in consequence remember them better. There are also questions in the Practice part at the end of each section which you can answer on your own. They can help you to associate the phrasal verb with your personal life and thus remember them better.

All the phrasal verbs presented in this ebook are listed in alphabetical order and include such keywords as: abide, account, ache, act, add, agree, allow, angle, answer, ask, auction, attend, back, bail, bang, bank, bargain, bawl, be, bear, beat, beaver, bed, beef, belt, bend, black, blank, blare, blast, blaze, bliss, block, blow, blurt, board, bog, boil, bone, book, border, boss, bottle, bottom, bounce, bowl, box, branch, break, breeze, brick, brighten, bring, brush, bubble, buck, bucket, buckle, budge. Some keywords are used with more than one phrasal verb e.g. be, break, bring. The spelling used in the ebook is mainly British but you can also come across American. Thanks to it you can see some differences between these two languages.