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Qualitative Reading Inventory 7th Edition (2021)

Qualitative Reading Inventory 7th Edition

English | ISBN: 0137560877 | 2021| PDF converted | 34 MB

The market-leading, reliable, and easy-to-use informal assessment instrument.
The Qualitative Reading Inventory-7 continues to emphasize the authentic assessment of children’s reading abilities — from the earliest emergent readers to advanced readers. This popular resource provides graded word lists and numerous passages designed to assess a student’s oral reading accuracy, rate of reading, and comprehension of passages read orally and silently. Several unique features set it apart from other resources in the field, including narrative and expository passages at each level from pre-primer through high school, as well as all self-contained selections that are highly representative of the structure and topics of materials found in basal readers and content-area textbooks. For example, passages at the pre-primer through second grade levels are presented with pictures, and maps and illustrations are part of the expository selections at fourth grade through high school levels. In the 7th Edition, all sections have been rewritten to make it easier for all teachers to use QRI-7 to assess students’ reading abilities. Additional figures, tables, and boxes are included in all sections to allow users to more quickly scan for information.