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Information Science: The Basics (2022)

Information Science: The Basics (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 0367725185, 9780367725181 | 252 Pages | PDF (True) | 3 MB

Information Science: The Basics provides an accessible introduction to the multifaceted field of Information Science (IS).

Inviting readers to explore a modern field of study with deep historical foundations, the book begins by considering the complexities of the term “information” and the information life cycle from classification to preservation. Each chapter examines a different area within IS, surveying its history, technologies, and practices with a critical eye. This interdisciplinary field incorporates a wide range of approaches which it shares with humanities, social science, and technology fields. What makes IS unique is its emphasis on the connections between information, technology, and society. The need to share information more effectively in response to social, environmental, and biomedical challenges has never been so urgent; the volume discusses the risks as well as benefits that come with the emerging technologies that make it possible. The book also explores how IS, with its long-standing commitment to intellectual freedom and digital inclusion, and its keen attention to the protection of privacy, data ethics, and algorithmic transparency, can contribute to the creation of a more open and equitable society.

Information Science: The Basics is essential reading for anyone who wishes to know more about information and the impact it has on our world. It will be particularly useful for anyone intending to study IS at the undergraduate level or considering a shift to a career in the information professions.