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Modern Physics: The Scenic Route (2022)

Modern Physics: The Scenic Route (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 194466050X | 205 pages | True PDF EPUB | 19.62 MB

This book leapfrogs over the usual pedagogical progression, taking readers to a real understanding of quantum, relativistic, nuclear and particle physics. These areas are usually reserved for the end of one’s undergraduate career or even for graduate students in physics programs, but do not need to be. The Scenic Route is really created out of the joy of science; it is not designed to produce problem-solving ability but rather is designed to reveal some physics that is just plain nifty. Guided by an understanding that much of modern physics is available to almost everyone with a moderate mathematical vocabulary, we lead the student through a short, trenchant tour of quantum physics, relativity, modern particle physics and its history.