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Genetics and Genomics in Medicine, 2nd Edition (2022)

Genetics and Genomics in Medicine, 2nd Edition (2022)

English | ISBN: 0367490811, 036749082X | 534 pages | EPUB | October 31, 2022 | 19 Mb

The second edition of this textbook written for undergraduate students, graduate students and medical researchers, Genetics and Genomics in Medicine explains the science behind the uses of genetics and genomics in medicine today, and how it is being applied.

Maintaining the features that made the first edition so popular, this second edition has been thoroughly updated in line with the latest developments in the field. DNA technologies are explained, with emphasis on the modern techniques that are revolutionizing the use of genetic information in medicine and indicating the role of genetics in common diseases. Epigenetics and non-coding RNA are covered in-depth as are genetic approaches to treatment and prevention, including pharmacogenomics, genetic testing, and personalized medicine. A dedicated chapter charts the latest insights into the molecular basis of cancers, cancer genomics and novel approaches to cancer detection. Coverage of genetic testing at the level of genes, chromosomes and genomes has been significantly expanded and updated. Extra prominence has been given to additional genomic analyses, ethical aspects, and novel therapeutic approaches. Various case studies illustrate selected clinical applications.

Key Features

Comprehensive and integrated account of how genetics and genomics affect the entire spectrum of human health and disease
Exquisite artwork illuminates the key concepts and mechanisms
Summary points at the end of each chapter help to consolidate learning
For each chapter, an abundance of further reading to help provide the reader with direction for further study
Inclusive online question bank to test understanding
Standard boxes summarizing certain key principles in genetics
Clinical boxes summarizing selected case studies, pathogenesis mechanisms or novel therapies for selected diseases

This book is equally suited for newcomers to the field as well as for engineers and scientists that have basic knowledge in this field but are interested in obtaining more information about specific future applications..