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Italian Phrasebook for Adult Beginners (2022)

Italian Phrasebook for Adult Beginners

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B6CBX8TC | 220 pages | EPUB | 0.32 Mb

Is it possible to learn a language as complex as Italian when you’re an adult?
Does it necessarily entail a lot of hard work and time consumption?
Truthfully, the answer is yes… it can be harder to learn as an adult.
That happens because an adult’s mind works differently than a kid’s; it is less plastic, less dynamic, and more reliant on consolidated conceptions.
Also, adults tend not to have plenty of free time…
BUT, on the other hand, an adult’s mind is also more analytical, better at seeing the whole picture, and noticing the existing links between factors.
Our learning method takes advantage of the specific strength points of an adult’s mind to let you achieve major results with minor effort.
We will exploit your natural analytical skills and simultaneously prevent you from relying on your existing language conceptions…
So you can receive and consolidate new knowledge in the best and fastest way possible!
You will learn Italian in a dynamic way that makes studying stimulating and compelling, keeping your motivation high throughout the process.
Italian Phrasebook For Adult Beginners is not just a phrasebook…

It is an interactive tool for beginners to start learning Italian and put the new knowledge immediately into practice.
Along with language learning, this book provides a quick handbook for travelers and tidbits of information about the Italian country and culture.
In particular, with Italian Phrasebook For Adult Beginners, you’ll discover: 
How to approach the Italian language;
How to pronounce words in Italian;
The basics of Italian grammar;
How to formulate questions and answers;
Common Italian words and phrases that you can find on tickets, road signs, etc.;
Common phrases in various scenarios, including travel, tourism, business, and leisure;
How to have a phone call in Italian;
How to seek help in Italy/Italian;
A quick handbook with over 100 handy expressions divided by theme/scenario.

In addition, there are numerous exercises to actively practice with all that you learned from the book, including pronunciation, comprehension of written sentences, and having a conversation.