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Italian Grammar Drills, Premium 4th Edition (2022)

Italian Grammar Drills, Premium 4th Edition (2022)

English | October 31st, 2022 | ISBN: 1264286376 | 400 pages | True EPUB | 35.46 MB

Build your mastery of Italian grammar with the most focused review and practice workbook for beginning to intermediate learners—now with audio support from the McGraw Hill Language Lab app!

Understanding the rules of grammar is the first step in learning a language, but gaining true mastery requires reinforcing your knowledge with extensive practice. In Italian Grammar Drills, you’ll get all the practice you need to build confidence in your Italian language skills.

Each chapter in Italian Grammar Drills starts with a review of the concepts at hand, with helpful examples and an extensive progression of rigorous drill exercises. The book includes a final review section, with an additional 50 quizzes available in the McGraw Hill Language Lab app. This on-the-go study aid is newly enhanced in this edition with audio recordings of the answers, helping you improve your skills in both listening and speaking the Italian language.

• NEW: Audio recordings of the answer key to more than 50 exercises, available through the McGraw Hill Language Lab app
• No other book on the market focuses so exclusively on practice
• Includes more than 200 exercises
• Accessible style and format: Simple grammar reviews with clear examples are followed by an engaging variety of exercises
• Includes 50 interactive exercises (via app and online) to help you practice what you’ve learned
• Topics include adjectives and adverbs, comparatives and superlatives, present tense versus past tense, prepositions, passive voice, verbal expressions and constructions, and more