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Understanding Journalism, 3rd Edition

Understanding Journalism, 3rd Edition

By: Lynette Sheridan Burns, Benjamin J. Matthews

This bestselling, approachable textbook begins from the assertion that the practice of journalism should be driven by a commitment to service the public interest. With this goal in sight, Understanding Journalism explains in a clear and engaging manner both the principles and techniques required to become a successful – and valued – journalist.

This new edition:


Includes expanded coverage of digital and social media platforms and visual storytelling

Contains a brand new chapter on data journalism which gives students the knowledge and skills required to navigate, interpret and present data effectively

Encourages students to confront the everyday decisions involved in journalistic practice through a series of scenarios and discussion questions

Features a fresh, easy-to-navigate text design to enable easy progress through the book

By presenting the theoretical foundations of the profession alongside practical, step-by-step guidance, this book gives students everything they need to become effective and responsible journalists.