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Dental Materials: Foundations and Applications

Dental Materials: Foundations and Applications

Get an in-depth understanding of the dental materials and tasks that dental professionals encounter every day with Dental Materials: Foundations and Applications, 11th Edition. Trusted for nearly 40 years, Powers and Wataha’s text walks readers through the nature, categories, and uses of clinical and laboratory dental materials in use today. Increased coverage of foundational basics and clinical applications and an expanded art program help make complex content easier to grasp. If you’re looking to effectively stay on top of the rapidly developing field of dental materials, look no further than this proven text.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge content describes the latest materials commonly used in dental practice, including those in esthetics, ceramics, dental implants, and impressions.
Approximately 500 illustrations and photographs make it easier to understand properties and differences in both materials and specific types of products.
Review questions provide an excellent study tool with 20 to 30 self-test questions in each chapter.
Quick Review boxes summarize the material in each chapter.
Note boxes highlight key points and important terminology throughout the text.
Key terms are bolded at their initial mention in the text and defined in the glossary.
Expert authors are well recognized in the fields of dental materials, oral biomaterials, and restorative dentistry.
A logical and consistent format sets up a solid foundation before progressing into discussions of specific materials, moving from the more common and simple applications such as composites to more specialized areas such as polymers and dental implants.
Learning objectives in each chapter focus readers’ attention on essential information.
Supplemental readings in each chapter cite texts and journal articles for further research and study.
Conversion Factors on the inside back cover provides a list of common metric conversions.
NEW! Foundations and Applications subtitle emphasizes material basics and clinical applications to mirror the educational emphasis.
NEW! More clinical photos and conceptual illustrations help bring often-complex material into context and facilitate comprehension.