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Biology Workbook For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Biology Workbook For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Get a feel for biology with hands-on activities
Biology Workbook For Dummies is a practical resource that provides you with activities to help you better understand concepts in biology. Covering all the topics required in high school and college biology classes, this workbook gives you the confidence you need to ace the test and get the grade you need. Physiology, ecology, evolution, genetics, and cell biology are all covered, and you can work your way through each one or pick and choose the topics where you could use a little extra help. This updated edition is full of new workbook problems, updated study questions and exercises, and fresh real-world examples that bring even the tough concepts to life.

Get extra practice in biology with activities, questions, and exercises
Study evolution, genetics, cell biology, and other topics in required biology classes
Pass your tests and improve your score in high school or college biology class
Demystify confusing concepts and get clear explanations of every idea
Great as a companion to Biology For Dummies or all on its own, Biology Workbook For Dummies is your practice supplement of choice.