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Environment, Technology and Sustainability, Volume 2 (Technologies of Architecture) (2009)

2009 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 0415403782 | PDF | 13 MB

This second volume in the Technologies of Architecture series?- the only series of books tuned to the architectural technology syllabus?- explores the environmental influences on building design. Looking particularly at sustainable building, a holistic view is taken, so that the influence of any one set of choices on other areas – such as the trade-off of daylighting against thermal insulation, or the balance needed between heating and ventilation – are not overlooked. The authors discuss available technologies for establishing a suitable microclimate within buildings, for managing the transmission of sound and for minimizing the exploitation of scarce energy and of other resources. Using the perspective of a designer who needs a sound scientific basis for arriving at the optimum outcome, this valuably informative volume is ideal for architectural technology students, as well as first and second year architecture students.