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Architecture In Detail (2007)

English | November 30, 2007 | ISBN: 0750685859 | 200 Pages | PDF | 29 MB

This book is a collection of detailed studies of recent construction projects that will help all architects learn and expand the possibilities of their own work. Projects have been selected for their use of innovative techniques, and these insights could help overcome problems, reduce a project’s cost, speed up work on site or help with an idea that is hard to achieve.

Each project within the book consists of striking detailed drawings, supplemented by color photographs and explanatory text. These details are an excellent way to see how others are using new materials and techniques that may be relevant to an architect’s own work.

It can seem daunting for a student, or even a qualified architect, to see high-quality, interesting buildings when the project or daily workload is a lot more humdrum. This book demystifies construction and spreads knowledge of good practice.

The author is well known as he has a biweekly feature in Building Design, the UK’s most read magazine by architects. The projects have been carefully selected from those published and have been adapted and expanded to create a really useful reference.

* 3-dimensional detail drawings demystify innovative construction projects and help to spread knowledge
* Detailed information of 40 innovative projects help architects overcome a multitude of problems they may be facing
* Color photographs and drawings provide inspiration