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Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet Beginner’s Guide (2020)

English | August 24, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08GL1HLPN | 106 Pages | PDF | 2.39 M

Everybody’s raving about losing weight fast, feeling better and slimming down with the Keto Diet, but what kind of Ketogenic snacks can you eat, and is the Ketogenic diet right for you?
These are the types of questions that people considering the Ketogenic Diet have and those questions and many more like it are answered in this all-inclusive Keto Diet guide. You will learn the many benefits of the high fat, low carb diet plan, including the potential for relatively rapid weight loss, reducing acne problems, fat burning, regulating blood sugar for Type 2 diabetes, lowering high blood pressure and preventing hypertension.
In Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for beginners, you will learn:How to know if the Keto Diet is for you – what types of foods you can eat and how the diet can fit into your workout schedule and daily lifeHow the Ketogenic diet works – what is ketosis and how does it allow you to lose weight and get healthier?Step-by-step Keto plan for counting calories, setting caloric goals and planning your Ketogenic diet meals and Keto snacksHandy TOP 10 lists for the best Keto friendly foods to buy, divided into seafood, vegetables, meats, nuts, etc. – YES, you can drink some alcohol and even Ketogenic coffee…Keto Diet side effects and how to prevent or reduce severity of Keto flu10 Delicious Keto recipes to launch your journey towards losing weight and feeling better!