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What’s Your Corporate IQ? (2004)

2004 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0793185734 | PDF | 2 MB

Based entirely on original research, What’s Your Corporate IQ? is the first of its kind to describe the interrelationships between corporate strategy, CEO attributes, leadership, values, and ethics. In What’s Your Corporate IQ?, Jim Underwood presents the results of a breakthrough study of 15 global competitors and determined that high-corporate-IQ companies consistently ranked among the top performers of their industries. Likewise, low-IQ companies ranked at the bottom of their industries. Just what is corporate IQ? Underwood describes it as the interrelationship between a firm’s strategy, organization, character, and competitors. In a reader-friendly style, Underwood profiles the high IQs of the “”ten smartest companies in America.”” Underwood states that organizations using a clear-cut “”people philosophy””-one that focuses on the long-term success of its people-strengthens a company’s overall foundation. While taking a humorous look at some of the self-defeating practices managers employ to sabotage themselves, he uses the situations to point out that leaders who commit to good strategy have definite advantages over their competition, and statistics confirm that reality. What’s Your Corporate IQ? outlines: * The 17 corporate attributes that drive corporate success. * The foundation for corporate success-three rules of leadership and strategy. * The power of significance building-an employee’s basic desire to be recognized. * Fifteen self-defeating habits of highly ineffective leaders. * Measuring success on performance, not by financial quarters. * Organization entrepreneurial support systems. * Company character-values, people, ethics, and sustainability. * Why initiatives for change fail or succeed on implementation.