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Corporate Governance: A Pragmatic Guide for Auditors, Directors, Investors, and Accountants (2020)

English | Apr 15, 2020 | ISBN: 0367468867, 0367862751 | 270 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

This book facilitates a systematic comprehension of internal workings of corporate governance in practice. Facets of this multidisciplinary, constantly evolving field are discussed and interrelationships among them are explained to provide insights on how certain precepts come into play for various roles in governance. This book pragmatically explains and illustrates with a view to integrate. To keep the scope achievable, the emphasis is placed on the U.S.-based companies; where possible, differences in governance around the world are identified.

Three rich sources of knowledge help shape the message of this book: existing paradigms, personal experience in governance, and research on issues and challenges of governance.


Permits a holistic view of the complex corporate governance landscape.

Discusses and generously illustrates the practice of corporate governance.

Aids understanding of issues and challenges of corporate governance.

Identifies ways to advance the value of one’s role in corporate governance.

Teaches how to avoid crucial mistakes that compromise the value of one’s contribution in the governance process.

If you are a professional accountant, securities lawyer, economist, financial analyst, auditor, executive, entrepreneur, or an investor, you will find the book helpful in understanding the entire landscape of governance fairly quickly. Those already involved in the governance arena may find the book refreshing, and may use it to coach others. This book can serve as a reference book in any offering of a course at any academic level.