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Teaching Creatively and Teaching Creativity

Teaching Creatively and Teaching Creativity

by Mary Banks Gregerson, Heather T. Snyder, and James C. Kaufman, editors

In this age of standardized testing, No Child Left Behind, and the race to keep up with other nations, some may question whether creativity should be taught in the schools. Indeed, many may doubt that creativity can be taught at all–that either a student has it, or not. The contributors to Teaching Creatively and Teaching Creativity address these issues with innovative flair, offering an engaging user’s manual for inventive pedagogy. Recognizing that creativity is a core attribute of being competitive, the book illustrates creative teaching in all its possibilities–in developing curricula, in designing assignments, and hands-on in the classroom. Examples span the grade levels from K to graduate, and the disciplines, including psychology, music, science, art, and forensics. The result: a creative continuum as educators enhance their own creativity and unleash that of their students. Included in the coverage:¬†

  • Facilitating creativity in the classroom: professional development for K-12 instructors.
  • Shaping creative attitudes in teachers and students.
  • Cognitive aspects of learning: science learning through serious educational games.
  • The global reach of creative lifelong learning skills for graduate, law, and medical students.
  • Teaching for creativity in the micro-moment.
  • Creative ideas for actualizing student potential.

Teaching Creatively and Teaching Creativity is an inspiring volume that will spark the imaginations of preschool teachers, K-12 educators, and professors in psychology, education, and other disciplines looking for ways to teach innovatively and advance creativity in their students. Undergraduate and graduate students planning teaching careers will also find it of interest.