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Curriculum Development and Design, Second Edition

Curriculum Development and Design, Second Edition

By: Murray Print

This book has been written to provide a current, practical, Australian-based approach to designing and developing curriculum. The demands of schools and educational systems today are such that teachers with practical curriculum skills are highly valued and this book provides a vital source for teachers who wish to build their skills in the field of curriculum design and development.

The book addresses the needs of curriculum developers by examining the nature of the curriculum process and how it can be applied in schools. A particular strength is the way in which the chapters are structured around a model of curriculum development. As the model unfolds the reader is familiarised with the various elements of curriculum including situational analysis, intent, content, learning activities and evaluation.

Teachers will appreciate the value of understanding these elements and in so doing will acquire valuable skills of curriculum design and development.

A feature of this book is that it addresses the issues of curriculum implementation and curriculum change. To devise a curriculum document in these times is tough enough. Those who wish to see their curricula succeed must be involved with implementing that curriculum and the curriculum change that results.

This important new book is particularly appropriate to classroom teachers, system developers and student teachers studying curriculum.