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Parachuting: The Skydiver’s Handbook (2007)

ISBN: 1568601417 | 2007 | EPUB | 408 Pages | 7 MB


Skydiving! It’s not just falling but the thrill of the unencumbered horizontal flight. Sport parachuting today is not rough and tumble. New equipment and the latest training techniques let you advance quickly to graceful freefall, swift and controlled canopy flight, and smooth and easy tip-toe landings. This all-new, revised edition covers every phase of skydiving from beginning to advanced.

You will discover:

What will happen on your first jump and your next . . .
Exceptional freefall maneuvers that will surprise your instructors
Advanced canopy flying techniques
To be thoroughly prepared for every possible emergency
How to open your reserve parachute
All about Automatic Activation Devices
Why people jump out of planes
Where to get the best equipment and what to look for
How to get into the action with lists of skydiving centers, parachute equipment dealers, books, videos, magazines, and more-worldwide.
The Skydiver’s Handbook has a wealth of knowledge for the novice and experienced skydiver alike. Reference to this valuable resource will stimulate your enjoyment of the sport many times over.”- BJ Worth, President, US Parachute Association

“A valuable collection of information and a good first look at the sport.”-Library Journal”When it comes to skydiving training and equipment, Dan Poynter wrote the book.”-Cliff Schmucker, President, Parachute Industry Association

Dan Poynter has earned virtually every license and rating in his 40+ years of skydiving. He is past Chairman of the Board of the US Parachute Association and past President of the Parachute Industry Association.

Mike Turoff has all the highest ratings, is a licensed (jump) pilot and parachute rigger. A chemist in real life, he spends his weekends with students, explaining how things happen and applying safety to skydiving. You can take part in the world’s fastest non-mechanical sport. Open these pages and experience a whole new world of exciting vertical aviation.