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Golf University: Become a Better Putter, Driver, and More-the Smart Way (2019)

English | May 7th, 2019 | ISBN: 1510743057 | 240 Pages | EPUB | 1.27 MB

In Golf University, Scott Weems offers comprehensive advice to excelling on the golf course that takes readers beyond traditional tips on putting and driving. Divided into four “semesters,” this book incorporates the disciplines of physics, math, medicine, sociology, geology, economics, and more to help golfers maximize their success and have the most fun.

Some of the many lessons that Weems offers include:
Achieving maximum efficiency in the golf swing, meaning no loss of kinetic energy from club to ball, would require a driver 72 feet long. And a club the same weight as the ball.
Twelve percent of business executives rate golf as more important than sex.
Players shot half a stroke higher when paired with Tiger Woods in his prime. The effect was even worse on the final day of competition.
Putting against the direction of the grain (i.e., opposite the most recent mowing) leaves the ball 15 percent shorter than putting in the opposite direction.
Closing your eyes occasionally while putting will leave your ball almost 10 percent closer to the pin.
And more!

Golf University uses a mixture of research, interviews, and Weems’s own experiences as a scientist and golfer to introduce readers to the latest discoveries in the sport.