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The Writing and Revision Stylebook

The Writing and Revision Stylebook

By: Gregory Heyworth, Rosette Liberman

The Writing and Revision Stylebook is a practical and user-friendly guide to editing essays and business communications. It corrects grammar and punctuation, teaches logic, polishes style. Written by master teachers, it not only points out errors, but provides step-by-step practical instructions on how to correct them. It contains features available in other handbooks only in a limited way, if at all. It is the only handbook or stylebook on the market that contains 1000 exercises with answers and explanations of each exercise. In addition: o Correction Key names and numbers specific errors for quick and easy reference to explanations and exercises, and cuts correction time in half. o FAQs at the beginning of each section anticipate and answer real student questions from actual classroom situations o Exercises of 10-40 examples, all with explained answers, follow each section.