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Dr. Jo’s Fit in 15 Minutes per Week (2015)

ISBN: 1511619376 | 138 Pages | EPUB | June 27, 2015 | English | 1.52 MB

Here’s what folks say about Fit in 15 Minutes per Week:
“Dr. Jo and Pat, you have really put a number of simple, sound practices into an easy to read and follow path to a better, longer life. It is supported by science and experts in their respective fields, as well as actual results… What can one say, both of you are examples of how lives can be more rewarding through following the principles of healthy eating, exercise, stress relief, and strong faith as well supported by your research and practice.”
Are you frustrated with your fitness workout routine? Just can’t seem to get started, or it takes too long?
What if you could achieve an optimal level of fitness in just 15 minutes per week?
Sounds too good to be true? Scientific research proves it is TRUE and it is GOOD.
In just 15 minutes per week you can: Strengthen and increase muscle mass
Increase calorie burning 24/7
Lose fat faster
Strengthen heart and blood vessels
Get blood sugar under control
Reverse and prevent osteoporosis
And much more…

Just Getting Started? Whether you’re just getting started in a fitness program or you’ve been at it for years, you can do this program, young, old or in between. Of course beginners should always get their doctor’s clearance before beginning any exercise program. The Fit in 15 program originated in a research project designed to improve bone mass in older ladies with osteoporosis. It worked for them!
Seasoned Athlete? And it works for seasoned athletes as well. Exercise without overtraining which may lead to damaging your heart, lungs and joints. Instead stay in great shape and improve the fitness level of your heart and lungs and spare the wear and tear on your joints in only 15 minutes per week. More exercise can actually decrease the benefits of this research-proven way to fitness. More is not better, more is less.
Fitness BonusAs a fitness bonus Dr. Jo added a chapter that concisely guides you to the best eating plan to increase muscle mass and rev up your metabolism so you burn more calories 24/7. Discover how to eat just before and right after your Fit in 15 workout to boost your own natural production of Human Growth Hormone that keeps you younger and more fit. Learn how to develop your own delicious, nutritious, colorful eating plan that works best for your uniquely-you body.
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