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Science Of Training:Soccer (2006)

English | ISBN: 0415384478 | 2006 | 208 Pages | PDF | 1350 KB

Physical training is a key part of preparing to play soccer (football) at any level, but organising a genuinely effective training programme requires both an understanding the physiological principles involved and a practical knowledge of the demands of the game.
This book provides clear guidelines, an evidence base and a theoretical framework for proven effective soccer training.
planning seasonal training to peak at the right time
training for strength, speed, aerobic and anaerobic fitness
designing appropriate sessions for training and rehabilitation
best methods for recovery from exercise and reducing injury risk
preparation for play in different environmental conditions
evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes
diet, sleep, lifestyle, young players and long-term development.
Clear explanations of the physiological concepts and sport science research evidence are given throughout, and the book contains many examples to illustrate the training principles in practice. This is an essential text for students of the game and a valuable resource for coaches, physical trainers and sport scientists working in soccer (football).