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Hat Trick With The Hockey Team In Lockdown (2020)

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B088M27HZN | 42 Pages | EPUB | 0.15 MB

When three men offer to be her big score, she’ll take them all on for the win!

Physical therapist, Madisa Martin, never expected to spend the next fourteen days with three starting forwards for the South Bay Badgers. But when the goalie tests positive for an infectious virus, the entire team is locked down in quarantine, including anyone who’s recently been in the locker room.
Unable to stay at home for fear of putting her mother at risk, Madisa grudgingly agrees to shelter with Jake, Cam, and Dominik, three hunks determined to melt their therapist’s frozen heart. These three players quickly learn that the task will be a team effort. Time to pull out all their best moves for the biggest score of their lives.
Hat Trick With The Hockey Team In Lockdown is a steamy WhyChoose contemporary interracial sports romance, and is part of the Love Under Lockdown series.