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Build Your Dream Body (2021)

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08YRTX7NB | 43 Pages | EPUB | 0.12 MB

Build Your Dream Body
Breaking the stories and myths of the fitness industry so you can make slim, strong muscle and destroy fat using easy and explained techniques that get results
You’ve been lied to…

I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s true.
Much of what you’ve read is wrong, holds you back, and keeps you from reaching your fitness goals.
The fitness industry has a concept called “complicate to profit” and it’s a con that has awful
implications:It takes money from your pocket and puts it into the industries pocketsOver-complicates the health and fitness world leaving you lost in a sea of misinformationPrevents you from taking action and has you jumping from fad to fad, never seeing results

I want to end this, and that’s why I wrote this book…Build Your Dream Body is the book that cuts through the sea of confusion and misinformation.It breaks the lies of the industry and removes the fluff giving you exactly what you need to Build Your
Dream Body.

Inside the book, you’ll get exactly what you need to pack on lean, sexy muscle, shred fat and look
your best.
We’ll expose the myths of the fitness industry leaving you with simple and proven techniques that
work and get results.

This is the book trainers, supplement companies and fitness bloggers don’t want you to read.
Everything from diet, exercise, muscle building, fat loss, and body re-composition is covered in a
simple, actionable way.