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Web development: Web development for Beginners in HTML (2021)

English | April 9, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B092469Q5L | 299 Pages | EPUB | 0.70 MB

Are you interested in going back to the basics? Do you want to learn how to develop web pages the old way? Then welcome to this guide.In the same way that a building can only be as strong as its foundation, a webpage can only be as good as the bits and pieces that hold it together. In this case, we’re talking aboutHTML.Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML is the glue that ensures a web page is held together and can be used on many different browsers and devices successfully. It also provides the structure needed to expand your webpages using JavaScript and CSS.This guide focuses purely on HTML, and here’s what you can expect to learn:
What HTML is and how it works
How to use an HTML text editor
The HTML building blocks – attributes, elements, and tags
How to format your HTML
How to use heading, paragraph, and phrase tags
How to insert links, images, and tables
What HTML lists are
Using HTML classes, frames, and iFrames
Html Comments and File Paths
What’s in the HTML head
Techniques for layout and design
How to use the HTML entities, charset, and symbols
How to add HTML backgrounds, colors, and fonts
How to create a webpage from start to finishAnd much more!HTML is the backbone of any website, and it makes perfect sense to learn how to code in HTML before you try anything fancier.If you are ready to start your new coding journey, hit the Buy Now button!