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The way to maturity in PHP application lifecycle (2020)

English | February 16, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B084QLXKYB | 56 Pages | EPUB | 0.16 MB

I started my journey in the PHP world in 2003 in an ordinary way: developing websites for small businesses. I have encountered several challenges related to maturity in the application lifecycle. To deal with topics such as performance, scalability, DevOps, reliability, productivity, architecture, among others. I also felt those pains.After years of working with the language and many learning, I led my company to a new mission. Since 2008, we have been able to help several organizations, both public and private, tackle and overcome the key issues they face in the process of producing a successful PHP application. We reached significant milestones in this journey. More thaneleven years, 10 thousand hours in consultancies, and several critical applications attended. Working with our clients has given us many lessons that I want to share with you in this book.From an early age in my life, I was passionate about technology. I inherited this passion from my parents, with whom I spent important moments in my childhood exploring and listening to their stories when they got home from work. I already knew that my mission would be to help organizations use technology to reach their potential. For more than twenty years, I have carried out this mission. Dedicating the last eleven to enable our clients to succeed with their investments with PHP.That’s why I wrote this book. To keep on this mission with you. Divide this knowledge and make my simple contribution so that you can also benefit from this knowledge.It does not matter if you are starting in the PHP world or if you are already experienced or even if you work in development, infrastructure, or team management, whether you want to move to a new level or seek to continually overcome the challenges of maturity this book is for you.Erico Vasconcelos