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CodeIgniter 4 Cookbook: Rapid Web Development with PHP 7 and CodeIgniter 4 (2020)

By Vincenza Tralice
English | 2020 | ASIN : B089XMXDCN | 220 Pages | EPUB | 4 MB

This book is about web development with CodeIgniter 4 and PHP 7. PHP has been the preferred choice for web development for years and many statistics report that PHP is installed on the 80% of the servers in the world. The reason of PHPpopularity lies in the ease of its usage: you can easily create a website putting two or three PHP scripts together. I call this approach to the web development the “script-approach” which has proven not to be well suitable for middle and large web applications. The script-approach does not help developers with code maintenance. In the latest decade, we assisted to a continuous emerging of new web frameworks. Most of them have a high learning curve and a big footprint and for such reasons they quickly lost popularity. Among those frameworks, CodeIgniter emerged for its simplicity providing to developers the right tool for fast prototyping and rapid web development.
The book is organized is six chapters as follows:
Chapter 1 is an introduction to the web development with PHP and CodeIgniter
Chapter 2 walks you through the preparation of the development environment
Chapter 3 introduces PHP syntax fundamentals for non-PHP developers to easily understand the examples presented in the book
Chapter 4 presents routes, controllers and CodeIgniter core features such as logging and dependency injection
Chapter 5 goes deep into the details of routes and controllers presenting requests and responses objects (views, json objects)
Chapter 6 presents CodeIgniter database API: Query Builder, Model and Entity classes