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Becoming a Reflective English Teacher

Becoming a Reflective English Teacher

Edited by: Andrew Green

Becoming a Reflective English Teacher builds firm bridges between theory and practice, exploring how these can be brought together to create powerful contexts for teaching and learning across the broad spectrum of elements of the English secondary curriculum. By combining both theoretical and practical dimensions, the book enables you to reflect meaningfully on the processes and impact of your teaching.

In a structured and practical way this book introduces you to the paradigmatic and theoretical issues underpinning English teaching. Through its focus on the significant aspects of the role of the English teacher, the book enables you to consider not just the practice of English, but also a range of historical, social policy and theoretical perspectives relating to the development and formulation of English as a subject. Overall the book provides a detailed understanding of the major foundations of English as an academic discipline, as well as what this means for your teaching. Key features include:

  • Professional reflection –targeted reflective activities
  • M level tasks –designed to help develop strong and meaningful connections between academic and practical components of the teacher’s role
  • Into Practice –opportunities to think about the practical application of material in the book

This book supports students training to teach English in secondary schools, as well as the professional development of teachers of English early in their careers.