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Safeguarding Miley (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (2018)

English | July 23, 2018 | ISBN: 1643840320 | 314 Pages | EPUB | 0.34 MB

Dr. Miley Ellison loves her career choice. Taking care of small animals is her passion – the larger ones? Not so much. However, when her grandfather leaves her his practice in Wyoming, she resigns herself to a life of dealing mostly with livestock. It isn’t ideal but at least she’s in control of her own life. If only her mind would focus on the job and not on her best friend’s sexy brother. Dating him is not an option. It doesn’t help he’s got a Lancelot complex and she’s no Guinevere. Alcide Montgomery, known as Cowboy by his SEAL team, faces returning to duty after being home to care for his sick father. Being protective is a part of his psyche – he can’t help but rescue damsels in distress. One look at Miley and he knows she’s going to need help. However, she lets him know it’s neither wanted nor welcomed – a first for him. One day, Miley’s at the wrong place at the wrong time, plunging her into trouble of the deadly kind. Cowboy rides to her rescue, saving her life and protecting her from harm. Unfortunately, it’s not over. As Cowboy wars with his commitment to rejoin his teammates, he worries who will be Miley’s knight in shining armor. Who’s going to fight for Miley while he’s fighting for his country?