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Subtitling: Concepts and Practices

Subtitling: Concepts and Practices

By: Jorge Díaz Cintas and Aline Remael

Subtitling: Concepts and Practices provides students, researchers and practitioners with a research-based introduction to the theory and practice of subtitling. The book, inspired by the highly successful Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling by the same authors, is a new publication reflecting the developments in practice and research that mark subtitling today, while considering the way ahead.

It supplies the core concepts that will allow its users to acquaint themselves with the technical, linguistic and cultural features of this specific yet extremely diverse form of audiovisual translation and the many contexts in which it is deployed today. The book offers concrete subtitling strategies and contains a wealth of examples in numerous languages for dealing with specific translation problems. State-of-the art translation technologies and their impact on the profession are explored along with a discussion of the ways in which they cater for the socio-political, multicultural and multilingual challenges that audiovisual productions and their translations must meet today.