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Lillith (2014)

English | ISBN: 1499375956 | 186 Pages | EPUB | January 22, 2014 | 1.13 MB

A journey through a hidden history of our world. Erotic and violent novel of war and passion. “The chemistry between us was so hot and strong and I felt a rush of fear and longing at the same time. Never before had I felt fear of a human. At this thought I looked at him and pushed him away, and he tried to stop me but I was still physically stronger. I had been shaken by this boy/mans kiss. I, the Goddess of Love, who had centuries of males falling over themselves to climb into my bed. I could still taste him and that made me annoyed and aroused at the same time. Couldn’t I just kill him and make this all go away?” “There is a union of sorts formed with a good torturer, and these were the best of pain inflictors. They had turned it into an art form. Aeons and aeons, time immeasurable these beings have been inflicting pain, I can’t even begin to imagine the things they have learnt, I do not want to! Our Creators knew the tolerance levels of each nerve in my body and they enjoyed our pain or just never felt it. I felt the acid being spread over my flesh and smelt the burning, I felt the small but many cuts with different blade shapes and thicknesses enter my body. They opened my flesh, first the skin layers, then the muscle and then to bone and often out the other side. The pain that can be inflicted with fire is off the scale. The smell of my own flesh being roasted off my cheek will be neither something I will never forget the smell or feel of acid in my eyes. I grit my teeth during the burning and the freezing of the open wounds, but the acid that ate my mouth and lower jaw away was excruciating.”