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Firescaping, 2nd Edition (2020)

English | January 11th, 2020 | ISBN: 0899979629 | 208 Pages | EPUB | 42.16 MB

Your guide to beautiful, fire-resistant landscaping techniques

Tens of thousands of wildfires burn across the country every year, destroying millions of acres of land. If you live in fire country, take action. Use firescaping to defend your home against wildfires-while maintaining the beauty of your garden. This unique form of landscaping design keeps your property healthy, clean, and clear. Horticultural expert Douglas Kent shares secrets, tricks, and simple instructions in the new edition of this practical, hands-on guide, recommended by AAA Homeowners Insurance.

Find out which landscapes have a high fire risk and why. Get tips on landscaping and maintenance-such as effective watering and brush-clearing techniques-that reduce a property’s fire risk. Learn which plants and building materials are best for reducing damage. Discover how to make your home accessible to firefighters in the event of a wildfire. Homeowners, landscaping professionals, and community fire prevention officials will find Firescaping invaluable. If you live in an area at risk, this book can help to prepare you and give you peace of mind.