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Digital Signal Processing for RFID (2016)

English | ISBN: 1118824318 | 2016 | 312 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

This book discusses the fundamentals of RFID and the state-of-the-art research results in signal processing for RFID, including MIMO, blind source separation, anti-collision, localization, covert RFID and chipless RFID. Aimed at graduate students as well as academic and professional researchers/engineers in RFID technology, it enables readers to become conversant with the latest theory and applications of signal processing for RFID.

Key Features:
Provides a systematic and comprehensive insight into the application of modern signal processing techniques for RFID systems
Discusses the operating principles, channel models of RFID, RFID protocols and analog/digital filter design for RFID
Explores RFID-oriented modulation schemes and their performance
Highlights research fields such as MIMO for RFID, blind signal processing for RFID, anti-collision of multiple RFID tags, localization with RFID, covert RFID and chipless RFID
Contains tables, illustrations and design examples